Welcome to Scarlett's Garage

Manufacturers names and models used on this site are for recognition purposes only I have no affilliations or rights for production. This is a Hobby and this site shows the small scale cars I have made for my daughters to drive.  

Search on you tube for 'scarlettsgarage' channel for videos of these cars , over 500,000 views!!

Scarlett has now joined the British Women Racing Drivers Club and is their youngest member . 

Mercedes 300SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe is under construction !

Pair of Bugattis
scarlett and chitty 2010
aug 2011 the new AC cobra, 31 cc Honda power!
scarletts new Bentley 2011


    Scarlett's first electric car was a mini when she was 2, then around a year later  when she was watching the film chitty chitty bang bang  she asked me to make a chitty chitty bang bang car for her. I have been involved in tuning, restoring, and building cars for some 20 years so thought it would be a simple task! A few intensive weeks later it was ready , - i thought - her first question 'how do I make it  fly ?' !! therewas some disappointment when i explained it couldn't . Then ; 'but it can float on water ?' childrens expectations are always so high ! 


Search for 'scarlettsgarage' on you tube for some videos. 

The most photographed car at Goodwood 2010?


This was Scarletts first car , All cars since then have been handmade by me . Scarletts cars are more 'show than go' but she is still an expeienced driver ! 2008